Zaw Win Pe
Born in Central Myanmar in 1960, Zaw Win Pe came to the forefront of Myanmar’s art scene with his vibrant landscapes inspired by the country’s north eastern Shan state. Having set his heart on becoming an artist since young, he headed for the State School of fine Arts in Yangon and learnt under three different masters.

In his early career, he excelled in the naturalistic style of painting. The discovery of scenery in the Shan state led him to focus increasingly on colours as an effective agent of expression since the begining of the new millenium. Using the palette knife to achieve the desired effect of overlaid colours on bolder textures. Zaw Win Pe lays emphasis on the emotive quality of painting.

Today Zaw Win Pe is hailed as one of Myanmar’s strongest colourists. His dedication to his art is thorough : from making sketches to the final assessment of a completed work. Desipite his relative youth, he has exhibited both within Myanmar and overseas. His works are widely collected around the World by collectors and Museums. The artist lives and works in Yangon.