Subir Dey
I am Subir Dey, and I have pleasure to introduce myself as an aspirant painter using the transparency of watercolour. I am qualified as an artist from the government college of art and craft of kolkata.

Contemporary Art as I understand through my painter’s eye is the space where we are now at the present moment. But I never forget the time when the first forms of art appeared. I always keep a loop between the past and the present through my painting.

I am very passionate about the old spirit and tradition of mythological paintings such as « Kalighat Potchitra », « Madhubani » or even cave painting which have become part of my life and of my work inspiration.

Besides, the timid nature and simplicity of children have always touched my heart as I perseve myself within them. My mind is always inspired by the sweetness of a village fair in my childhood; with a variety of events like the sound of the flute made of paper, the bioscope, the monkey man...

I always look back into my childhood to catch a glimpse of the past and to share my feelings to others through my painting.