Pradip Das
There is a definite design and rhythm in daily performances of human beings, resembling the movements of the celestial bodies in this universe. These designs, which consist of numerous large and small collections of forms…. It is the destiny of mankind to bear the same in daily life. I always try to incorporate all these synchronized visual frames on my canvas. So my endeavor is to find out that rhythm, which exists in such natural and super natural designs and sometimes take the different forms in the chiaroscuro, to harmonies the fragmental views in my paintings….

In the primitive era of the civilization the cave man started painting very simply, with aids of charcoal. And I believe this instinct of the human nature is carried on for the decades and centuries… such natural and ancient forms dominance my works. Sometimes divine grace of a tiny insect spreads its span on my canvas.

Not any specific moment is being represented in my work, but a 'timeless time' has been refracted on the surface of my canvas, which is endless and eternal….