Pham Hong Son
Pham Hong Son was born in 1967 in the Thai Nguyen Province. Pham graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1992 and currently lectures at his alma mater. He is also a mem ber of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association and the Hanoi Fine Arts Association. His paintings can be found in private collections in many countries such as the United Kingdom, France, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Austria, Australia, Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In harmony with the slender yet robust legs that defy sun and rain, coarse, age-old thatched cottages with wooden partitions appear amidst the immense sunny and windy background of a littoral rural area. Bamboo bridges that persistently ferry passengers across rivers in the early morning or late afternoon; people doing to distant market-places, noisy steps of fish trappers, the gentle rustling of oars; splashing sound of fishing nets rising and falling, a cat drying itself in the sun or the twittering of birds calling their flock, .etc. all these inspire the artist with overwhelming feelings.

Using a predominant white background, he wishes that the intercourse between heaven and earth would accentuate the Creator’s products that are beaming with life. This vitality, though not being splendid, is rich in feelings, music, poetry and warm. Such simplicity and coarseness have highlighted the intimate attachment between nature and men, as well as the relations among human themselves.