Partha Sarathi Pan
We cannot deny the existence of the present, even though we tend to look back towards the past, even the remotest past, despite that most of it is veiled under the opaque curtain of eternal time. It may be that some elements and forms of that past are inherent in the present as shaping factors, yet the existing present is also flowing towards the future. As time run its course, its significance is being changed by the forces of some individuals or through societal impact. At present the past is felt by us through sensory and intellectual modes, reading, seeing, listening (literature, history and so on) and also through the imagination which is capable of functioning beyond the perimeters of authentic history. Thus, we are eternally and ceaselessly engaging with chronology and existence, floating over the flow of time. The past is the core and it is gradually expanding into the present and the future.

Living under the law of nature as we do, we are all confined within the territory of time. Our experience of time flow, our expansion of thought, the universe & the dimensions of space – all these are confined within a specific layered structure. Yet man continues in his attempts to advance towards the future before his appointed time, violating natural law. With regard to my thoughts about my painting, I wish to surpass these chrono-spatial barriers and create a place in which I may freely move and be possessed of a perspective that will be a combination of the past, the present and the future. I want to clarify that in the space of the apparently two- dimensional, three-dimension or multi-dimensional concepts exist, all punched into one. I aim to tie up multi-dimensional space and time in a particular place in an endeavour to capture a special moment – as opposed to that impulse which wishes to make a story or create an event. In the phenomenon of timeless space, my work aims at building a background full of texture and consciousness, with the appropriate mixture of significant forms.

My inspirations are Ashok Bhowmik, an artist and teacher and Deepali Bhattacharya, an artist and teacher as well; their association with me during my learning period have given me much of their own richness, and had a positive influence in my style of painting.