Moumita Biswas
In today's world, devices like the Internet and mobile phones supposedly act as a unifying, bridging force, collapsing distances and bringing people across the world nearer each other.

There is also a tendency to challenge the legitimacy of the prevailing world and social order while functioning within it. But this leads to a duality, which we are often unable to sustain, and as a counteractive, result in us actively entering into any projects as the inhabitants of an international world. We are embedded in social constructions, derived from the empirical experience of our worlds.

I feel our lives are to a great extent, preconditioned by our desire to charter-out our personal chronology into the future, as well as how we situate ourselves as individuals interacting with the cultural heritage of the past.

In expressing myself through the visual medium, I create part of the reality to which I belong as a member of the present milieu. My understanding of time is assembled through the selection and composition of artistic sequences. As a result, the difficulties that impede us in our attempts to make sense of the present are instrumental in my quest to achieve a better world.

Perhaps this is why dreams play an important role in my work. They exist on my surfaces, held in fluid form, retaining the ability to evolve through interweaving with other dreams, revitalizing and renewing the world around me. My works are reflective of an individualistic reinterpretation of the so-called modern world.

The creative impulse lies submerged in the subconscious of the creator's mind. It awaits its own flowering, an organic procession leading up unto the discovery of its fullest potential. But this depends on bounteous inspiration and proper guidance. I am highly fortunate to have come in close contact with eminent personalities in the field of art who have provided me with such inspiration and guidance. Foremost among them is the eminent artist, Sri Biswapati Maity. I am also grateful to the veteran eminent artist Sri Ramananda Bandyapadhya and Ms. Dipali Bhattacharya. All of them have been an inspiration to me.