Gargi Das
I have obtained B.V.A.with first class on Indian style painting from Government College of Arts and Craft, Kolkata, in the year of 1999. The art image of my painting in tempera has been thoroughly developed under the guidance of Sri Ajoy Ghosh, Sri Sukti Subhra Pradhan and Sri Ashok Bhowmik etc.On the another side, Ganesh Pyne's earth illusion and middle age of classical folk flavour has gretly influenced my visual concept with deep feelings which are reflected on my present activities. Indian oriental form and bold co-tidal lines are inspired to build up the creative expression , balance , choreographed rhythmic harmony and desirable pattern find out the borrow beauty along with light and colour.

"Krishna Leela"- the two ethnic words epitomizes the love between the soul mates and the longing to be with each other. The different phrases of the legend and the philosophy of life are both beautifully blended into the social aspect. A lover going to the place of assignation, a girl floating a love tune in the air, a girl like Radha waits impatiently along with her "shakhies", only to be reunited with her soul mate Krishna, shown as the blue peacock. It is an ongoing personal research, where the creative expression and form of woman culture come in my work in different aspects and the myriad lineal evocation of musically effusive forms with meticulously molded figures gets charged with dynamic youthful vibrancy. Celebration of youth and beauty is more or less a common feature of the works by the known artistic gharana. The whole concept has been possible through the analysis of social image, figurative frame work of imaginary insight with nature and long expression of work try to speak the fundamental feelings and in this magical journey in understanding my creation.