Bogie was born in 1949 in Myanmar and started painting in 1971. He studied under the artists Yin Min Pike and Ko Shwe Aung Thame.

His first solo show was Moe Oo Pan in 1971, and he exibited again in 1975 and 1998. Since this time he has participated in over 60 art exhibitions, a number of them outside Myanmar. Although in his early career he painted very detailed realistic and figurative paintings of the world around him, he now prefers to paint abstract art and uses a technique of oil or acrylic over tissue paper, gauze or canvas, a technique for which he has coined a new composite word - collaint.

Bogie is a full-time and freelance artist, and his themes and works are as much influenced by his mood and emotions as by the people and scenes which surround him. His contemporary work is becoming well-known especially among art collectors from Europe and North America.