The Bengal Trail
Calcutta Arts Club is setting off this September 2010 for a new Travelling Show this time around India. After a series of exhibitions showcasing rising contemporary talents from Bengal in places such as Paris, London, Milan, Barcelona and Singapore, our route finally brings us back to the Indian subcontinent with the " The Bengal Trail ". We wish to continue this colourful journey spreading the good word about these selected contemporary painters that we have supported for the last three years : Partha Sarathi Pan, Madhuchanda Majumder, Pradip Das, Debabrata Hazra and Subir Dey. These artists are a selection of the few promising talents, nurtured from the rich cultural heritage of Kolkata and bringing in a new and radical vision of the Bengal art culture and practice.

In a land of myriad facets, this Travelling Show aims to share across the country the enjoyment, the awareness, and the appreciation of Bengal Contemporary Art. We believe in these promising talents and we hope to inspire, touch and delight the senses of an eclectic audience as we will cross the various boundaries between cultures, landscapes and imagination.

Our journey will begin with our inaugural exhibition in Chennai in September and will continue for a period of four months, flying through Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and returning to Kolkata in December.

As we will journey through different destinations, we wish to continue encouraging emerging talents from various places, cultures and styles and bring to you in the future some more enchanting and original exhibitions.

We look forward to an exciting and interactive launch of Calcutta Arts Club, all across India and wish you an enjoyable experience.