Ba Khine
Ba Khine was born in 1960 in Meikhtilar, a busy trading town in the arid region of middle Myanmar.

A natural-born artist and a collector of cards with paintings of the great masters, he also wrote poetry part time and was a self taught artist. His first chance to learn proper painting techniques was when he met U Aung Than, a lecturer in fine art at Meikhtilar Teachers College in the 1980s.

His passion for colour and its variety was a driving force behind him becoming an artist. A peaceful, he talks in gentle tones, as if rhyming poetry. Working as a professional photographer in tourist places like Mandalay and Amarapura, he learned the composition of colour and light while experiementing with his camera as a participant in the local poetry fairs popular at this time.

After arriving at his nephew NCS's place in Yangon for a visit in 1996, he was awed by the creativity of fine art which he felt was a world away from the simplicity of photography. He was so impressed with fine art works that he decided to pursue his own career in fine art from then onwards with support from his nephew and friends.

His style is to create images with small colour cubes and the impressions he creates have captured the eye of many collectors and art lovers. His first solo show was in 1998 at the Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art and from then onwards he has been a strong artist with a strong belief in fine art. From 1996 till today, he has participated in group exhibitions in Myanmar as well as in Singapore and HongKong.