About US
Calcutta Arts Club is a creation of a young Indo-French couple sharing a passion for Arts. Anaïs, a textile designer from Paris who decided to make India her home and Abhishek, a lawyer who was always fascinated by the contemporary works of Artists globally.

Anaïs studied Fashion and Art from schools in Paris, designing textiles inspired by her favourite artists, while Abhishek visited various art colleges meeting young artists and sharing ideas.

They both developed a keen eye for Art in their multiple experiences and exposure yeilding from diverse backgrounds and cultures and today they complement each other in their search for young emerging talents from across continents.

Abhishek and Anaïs met in Calcutta in 2006 on Anaïs’ first visit to India. She was absolutely enchanted by her discovery of India’s vivid cultural and artisitc landscape.

They had a common wish. To promote young and fresh talents deprived of a supportive platform to be exhibited. Driven by a strong desire to share their love for the arts with like minded people across the globe, the couple decided to set up anorganization that aims to discover and promote upcoming and original talents . And ‘Calcutta Arts Club’ was born.